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Formulated in the design studio of IBBMA Master Builder and Designer H Gio Giovanni, Blacksmith Motoring Company is proud to offer an innovative way to transform your stock OEM Japanese (Metric) or American motorcycle into a serious street contender. What is a conversion kit? Blacksmith conversion kits transforms your stock OEM bike into a full custom motorcycle without voiding a factory warranty or negatively effecting the originally intended use of the motorcycle. It is well know that majority of full custom motorcycles do not perform as well as the original OEM base model. Our conversions resolved this problem by enhancing area such as; suspension, engine performance, cosmetic appeal, rider comfort, and storage capacity. Majority of the parts in the kit are Genuine Blacksmith manufactured parts and accessories to provide a kit that is 90% bolt on. The remaining parts are provided by trusted manufacturers and provide the best riding experience on two wheel. Most conversion kits design allows for regularly scheduled maintenance to be serviced at your local dealership by not interfering with common service areas. Please view example below.
Stock OEM Yamaha Roadliner
Retroliner Classic conversion for Yamaha Roadliner
RetroLiner Conversion kit blends the vintage styling of the 1920 with the modern technology of the 21st century. The long extended 3 piece fender set and sleek performance stance give an elegant mixture of sinster speed and vintage mystique.This conversion covers all comestic, engine performance upgrades, braking, suspension, leatherwork, along with a variety of genuine Blacksmith Motoring parts and accessories. It is available in the Retro classic, Retro Touring, Retro R. This kit is currently available for Yamaha Roadliner and Stratoliner Click here for model specific information
 Hooligan Series Conversion Kit is our foundation for the Boulevard Series. This Conversion kit transforms your stock OEM platform into a mild street cruiser. This series is from entry level to High end conversion concentrating on the cosmetic refinement, lowered suspension, leather work, performance upgrades, wheel package and genuine Blacksmith Motoring parts and accessories. This conversion kit can be upgraded from the Boulevard Brawler to a Boulevard Gangster or Boulevard King in the future. Please click the following for availability Suzuki models.
El Cholo de Barrio Conversion Kit is not for the soft hearten motorcyclist. This conversion makes the stock rocker into a pure cholo street-able show stopper. The enhanced refinements pushes the envelope in the areas of aggressive low styled fenders, enhance tank cosmetics, one off paint and graphics, Blacksmith's Bandito front and rear air ride system, exotic choices of leather works, performance power upgrades, limited edition up sized wheel packages, multiple plating choice (copper, black chrome, chrome, nickel, powder coating) acid etching or hand engraving on accessories, limited edition genuine Blacksmith parts and accessories. Please click one of the following for Harley Davidson, Indian, Victory..
Blacksmith Baggerville Converison is a Touring motoring approach to overhauling any stock cruiser OEM Platform.Some say it's to ride for days, well this conversion give you the storage and cosmetic appeal to hold your own in the Bagger crowd. Exclusive enhancement are applied to all areas and aspects of the build giving you a true touring ride of comfort, additional storage with the use of hard-bags and touring packs. Need to go above the next guy commission Blacksmith VIP personal vault, and  the sketch pad is open in all areas to include such extremes as exclusive engine enhancement, wheel upgrades to 26 inches, exclusive fender and body work, exclusive coating, hand engraving, acid etching, reserved exotic hides for leather work, Phantom front and rear air ride suspensions, exclusive genuine Blacksmith Motoring accessories. This conversion is available for most V twin Suzuki, Yamaha, Honda, Kawasaki, Harley Davidson, Victory and Indian. 
Blacksmith Motoring Company Conversion kits come in four different trim levels: