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Retro Conversion kit blends the vintage styling of the 1920 with the modern technology of the 21st century. The long extended 3 piece fender set and sleek performance stance give an elegant mixture of sinister speed and vintage mystique.This conversion covers all cosmetic, engine performance upgrades, braking, suspension, leatherwork, along with a variety of genuine Blacksmith Motoring parts and accessories. It is available in the Retro classic, Retro Touring, Retro R. This kit is currently available for Yamaha Roadliner, Stratoliner. We also offer a full customized service to build the elite Retroliner of your dreams. Look IBBMA Master Builder and Designer H Gio Giovanni Retroliner Gundam Turbo R26 as an example of how extreme we can be these machines but still meet the daily touring requirement of a street bike. We offer a turn key package for those who do not currently own a Star Roadliner or Stratoliner. Or you may choose to ship us your current Star Roadliner or Stratoliner for the conversion. Please use the following link for more detailed information on the package levels.  Click here for model specific information.....
Stock OEM Yamaha Star Roadliner
Blacksmith Motoring Retroliner Conversion For Star Roadliner and Stratoliner 2006-2014
Stock OEM Star Yamaha Roadliner
Retroliner Classic conversion for Yamaha Roadliner
Retroliner Classic C26 conversion for Stratoliner/Roadliner
Stock OEM Yamaha Star Stratoliner
Retroliner Gundam R conversion for Stratoliner/Roadliner