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Conversion Kits and Custom Builds - Whether you choose one of our conversion packages or would like a Blacksmith original we strive to uphold our standards of innovation, performance, and exclusiveness. One of our Authorized Build Centers will speak with you and learn about the history of your motorcycle to be used as a donor along with your riding experience. For one off custom builds IBBMA Master Builder H Gio Giovanni will walk you through the building process incorporating the vision you have for your final product and from there the assigned authorized build center will complete the process. Our builds are organic, meaning the bike character is established as the build process comes to completion. The Authorized Build Center will handle every aspect of the build from; frame, paint, accessories, motor work, chrome, powder coat, wheels, suspension, controls etc. We also will arrange shipment of your donor bike to us via Haul bikes and the delivery of your Blacksmith Conversion or one off original creation. For more information click here........
Paint, graphics and custom bodywork - The cosmetic portion of one of a kind builds or semi custom conversion motorcycle sets the overall character of the build. IBBMA Master Builder H Gio Giovanni is involved in every aspect of the cosmetic overhaul. From our in house exclusive custom made fenders, Bags, Fairing, stretch tanks, complex overlays graphics and one of a kind paint color tones you will stand out in any crowd. Blacksmith Builds only use the highest quality paints and clears to ensure optimum high gloss and extreme durability in the finish. A variety of different exotics colors tones are mixed in house via computer codes and then custom tinted by a trained technician to provide your unique specific color. We have two graphic artist on staff and a old school Pinstriper for the authentic pull to highlight your one of a kind paint scheme. Authorized Build Center will assist you in choosing the correct colors and paint scheme to suit your project and to get that thumb up street credit we all love. For more information click here..t.

Parts and Accessories - Our genuine line of Blacksmith parts and accessories are built to last the duration of your build. We manufacture and tailored all accessories and parts for your build. Over 90% of our conversion kits and full custom one-off builds use only genuine Blacksmith Motoring parts and accessories. In some area of the build additional manufactures parts are needed to provide you with the motorcyle of your dream. We only use manufactured products that we have tested and proven to handle the riding habits of our staff and customer. "We Build them hard so you ride'em Harder". We are riders first and builders second. We know the importance of more time on the road and less time wrenching the bike.
High Performance Enhancements - Blacksmith Motoring Company is dedicated to research and development of performance enhancements to maximizing the rider experience. We work with the leading manufactures such as (Dyno Jet IndustriesGarrnett, Eatons) and technical schools such as Washtenaw technology college in co-developing prototype products that will provide reliability and well as performance upgrades to many different models. This development leads to proven combination in the areas of performance intakes and exhaust systems, Turbochargers, Supercharger, Nitrous injection. Our skilled techs can build your next horsepower monster or just max out the potential of your stock motor. The Blacksmith Motoring Company has build a reputation on Metric big bore motors, with amazing power gain in the upper 100's with daily reliability and dependability. For more information click here....